Repairs to computers, Laptops and networks is done on-site or at Able Computer Support’s workshop. Includes: Troubleshooting start-up problems/performance problems/computer crashes, etc., component replacement/additions, security issues, device problems and much more.


Viruses & Spyware Removal

A range of Security Programs are installed and utilised to remove Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses, Keyloggers, Malware, Hijackers and other malicious software and changes to the system and registry. Further processes are deployed for stubborn issues.


Setup & Upgrades

New or old computer set-up and configuring. Device and/or Internet installation/configuring, etc.



Ongoing or Casual Support is available for Computer, Network, Device or Program help, troubleshooting, configuring, installation, monitoring, back-ups, maintenance, repairs, etc.


Computers & Parts

New Computers

New Custom Built Computers with 12/24 months warranty. See Systems for details.

New Parts & Devices

Some more common parts are kept in stock while  others are ordered as needed. For any Parts or Products not currently in stock, please contact us for pricing/availability.

Used PC’s/Parts

Used working Computers are available for $150-$300 (subject to availability). Used Parts may be ordered and delivered or picked up once located, quoted and ordered. Please contact us for prices.